Low-level accessibility tools

There’s a hidden gem in Chromium accessibility. It is the command line accessibility tools. Similar to accessibility inspection tools available on all popular platforms such as Windows or OSX, these tools are designed for the very same purpose: they provide a low level access to accessibility features of a web site. They also have a superpower though that makes them mighty and unique, but let’s talk about it later. Let’s do some backgrounds for the start.

An accessible website means that the assistive technologies like a screen reader can see, perceive and operate on the website. Not every website is…

[Today’s random Sourcerer profile: https://sourcerer.io/justin0022]

Today’s web content is amazingly rich. It varies from standard HTML to complex web apps full of media; such as animation, data visualization, video games, mixed reality and VR, to name a few. Such content is often inaccessible or poorly accessible, which means a broken user experience for those who rely on assistive technologies to interact with web sites. This experience, can be annoying at its best to empty web pages as its worst. Sometimes web authors even provide alternative content for these users. Needless to say, it’s not always equivalent. …

[Today’s random Sourcerer profile: https://sourcerer.io/jgosmann]


Sourcerer profiles are built based on an engineer’s skills. The core of an engineer’s profile is built around programming languages that the engineer has expertise with. If you have ever dealt with Java or C++, then your profile would reflect this. Another key piece in our profiles are technologies that the engineer is proficient with. If you work on a project that involves HTML, CSS and JavaScript, then you would be granted a web technology header housing these individual technologies. If you use SqlAlchemy or Redis, then you would be given a database technology header on your profile as well…

Alexander Surkov

Software engineer and author passionate about web, open source, accessibility and user-facing technologies.

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