Automated accessibility testing

Accessibility Testing


What to test



Web apps


How to test

Unit testing

Accessibility APIs mappings

  • States and properties: an example for these could be focused or selected states on a menu item or accessible name/description for properties.
  • Methods or interfaces allow to retrieve complex information about accessible elements, for example, to retrieve information about list or grid controls.
  • The relation concept is a key one. It defines how accessible elements relate to each other. In particular they are used to navigate content and/or to get extra information about elements such as labels for a control or headers for a table cell.
  • Accessible trees are a special case of accessible relations. However they are often defined as a separate entity. The accessible tree is a hierarchical representation of the content, and the ATs frequently rely on it.
  • As a rule of thumb there is also special support for text and selection.
  • There are also accessible actions for example a button click or expand/collapse a dropdown
  • Accessible events are used to notify the assistive technologies about app changes.

Assistive Technologies testing

Testing flow

  • Query-n-check: test accessibility properties against expectations.
  • Action: change a value or trigger an action: it represents the dynamics part and describes how a test interacts with an application.
  • On-hold: wait for an event to hold the test execution until the app gets to the right state.

What we have now







What would make a great test suite?

Chromium accessibility tools



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